WonderLogix Selected for €1.9M EU Horizon 2020 SME Grant


It’s been a roller-coaster of a ride!

Late last week, we were informed that we’d been selected for a €1.9M  ($2.2M USD) equity-free investment (read: grant) from the EU’s Horizon 2020 SME Instrument program!! This trailblazing initiative finances the most innovative, high growth potential small companies, all over the world—an exclusive club that we’re happy to join! (EU SME Instrument, 2018) 

We are beyond thrilled at this opportunity (some of us actually got quite emotional at the news [see 0:15 onward]) and very grateful for the EU Horizon 2020 team’s faith in our product and our people! 

(From left) WonderLogix “Dream Team”: Co-founders Amir Kaufman and Dror Roth with CEO Gonen Ziv, in Brussels to present proposal to the EU Horizon 2020 SME Instrument panel.

This funding will help support the next phase of the WonderLogix enterprise platform: Siemens PLC integration—to complement the current integration with Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley—as well as a live-monitoring control system dashboard.  It will also allow for ourcontinued commercial expansion.

Bad code costs you money

Did you know that 70% of project commissioning delays are due to PLC programming errors?  The result is costly operations, unplanned downtime, and safety issues. 

The WonderLogix platform solves this problem by replacing manual programming with reusable logic requirements in plain English, and automatically generating operational code and documentation. The benefits—and ROI—are immediately clear to anyone who works with PLCs. Client Ran Nachmani, Unilever Israel, said: Commissioning the system was completed successfully in just two hours and without making any changes to the automatically generated code.”

As per Gonen Ziv, WonderLogix CEO, “Our mission is to improve PLC programming effectiveness and efficiency, with a significant, lasting effect on the industry. Using the WonderLogix platform, our clients can slash their time-to-market by at least 50%,  by cutting out manual programming and documentation time, and minimizing commissioning time.”

EU Ambassador to South Africa talks with WonderLogix team
(From left) EU Ambassador to South Africa, Dr Marcus Cornaro, WonderLogix VP Business Development, Itay Jonas, and co-founder Amir Kaufman. discussing the equity-free investment news at African Utility Week event.

Platform benefits include:

  • No programming knowledge required
  • PLC code is automatically generated
  • Components can be re-used across projects, allowing for standardization 
  • Control program visualization allows control room operators to troubleshoot and understand the reasons for unexpected behavior
  • Functional spec documentation is created automatically and is always kept current with operational code

Curious about what we do? 

WonderLogix is changing the way Industrial Control Systems are created and commissioned. Our clients—system integrators, manufacturers, and industrial automation OEM’s, in various industries including biotech, energy, water, and food & beverage—use our platform to get their industrial projects online 50% faster.

To learn more about how WonderLogix Studio can help your company, contact sales@wonderlogix.com.

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