Finally, Model-Based Design

for Industrial Control Systems

WonderLogix Studio uses advanced technology to easily and safely define the functionality of industrial control systems. Definitions are continuously verified and automatically converted to PLC code* and documentation.

Automatic control systems run industrial facilities such as power plants, water systems and food factories.

However, the operation of these systems is less than optimal in most cases. This is reflected in downtime, poor performance and other causes of revenue loss.

WonderLogix aims to solve this problem.

By applying proven principles of software engineering and introducing a unique patented syntax engine, large facilities can be divided into small, manageable sections while complex logic is defined in human language.
A comprehensive and accurate model of the control system is created and continuously validated.

Controller code* and documentation are automatically generated from the model, yielding a top-quality control system and substantial increase in profits.

* Currently, for Allen Bradley Logix5000 PLCs

What Makes It a Game-Changer?

Natural Language

Our patented Logic Editor allows you to define the logic of operation in human language — simple and accurate definitions that anyone can understand.

No more miscommunication with customers or process engineers. No more ambiguous definitions.


Object-Oriented Design

Make the design process simpler by creating a hierarchical structure of components, building them one at a time. Easily create classes. Export any component and reuse it in other projects.

And So Much More

What You Get

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreements No 744068 and 822620.

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