Why Successful Technologies Fail at Implementation

Read what Yuval Engelstein of Startup Nation Central has to say about Israeli industry 4.0 sector companies who are aligned with worker’s needs, including WonderLogix. We helped the Wastewater Department of Clyde, Ohio upgrade half of a wastewater treatment facility: WonderLo ...

Inspiralia talks about WonderLogix: Process automation that will knock your socks off!

Did you ever think you would be able to define the logic of operations using the human language just by providing simple and accurate definitions that anyone can understand? In other words, DIY (do it yourself) process automation where no coding is required!

Alex Marcy, President, Corso Systems raves about WonderLogix PLC Programming Software

"WonderLogix takes away the hurdle of learning any of the standard PLC Programming languages. It gives you a simple interface to build your system, without requiring your system to be simple" says Alex Marcy, President, Corso Systems

Biotechnology Forecast for 2019

Biotechnology has been growing exponentially across all segments of the industry. It is estimated that the global market will command $727.1 Billion USD by 2025.

ToxSorb Designs Custom Filtration System With WonderLogix

ToxSorb's project objective was ambitious: Design a cost-effective, high quality chemistry control sequence while managing the full process, from design to commissioning, in-house. And the kicker? With no in-house control engineers, ToxSorb's process engineers would have to d ...

Unilever Replaces an Old Water Softening Control System

Unilever faced many challenges when it came time to replace and upgrade the PLCs in their critical water softening system, from obsolete technology, to compatibility issues, to lack of system documentation.

Biotech Automation Needs—Scaling Up for Growth

The biotech industry is filled with educated and innovative professionals. And with the stakes in terms of human life and capital investment so high, who better to take control of automation requirements for their industry than the scientists who built the biotech industry?

4 Reasons Biotech Companies Don’t Industrialize

A key challenge for biotech companies is the progression from research to scale production. There are a number of reasons biotech companies find it challenging to industrialize, but all of them can be overcome with the right automation partner.

Finding the Right Methodology for Control System Programming

Consistent methodology within complex systems is all around us. And finding a methodology for developing and programming software for PLCs shouldn’t be an exception.

Software Awareness and the Journey to Better PLC Coding

PLC code is much more about software than it is about electrical engineering.  In fact, the root cause of many industrial control system failures and incidents lies in failure to understand that we are dealing with software.

New Trends in Control Engineering

Control engineers have been coding PLCs the same way for a long (long) time. With the arrival of younger engineers and the spread of Industry 4.0, we're finally on the verge of real change.

Knowledge Transfer Challenges Between Process and Control Engineering

There is a serious disconnect between process and control engineering. Improving knowledge transfer between the two disciplines would have a measurable effect on efficiency, safety, and productivity.

How Better PLC Programming Can Improve Industrial Safety

Industrial safety has come a long way in the last forty years but further improvement is still needed. For instance, programming flaw accounted for 20% of the root causes of processing accidents!

WonderLogix Selected for €1.9M EU Horizon 2020 SME Grant

Extra! Extra! WonderLogix was awarded a €1.9M  ($2.2M USD) equity-free investment from the EU's Horizon 2020 SME Instrument program!! This trailblazing initiative finances the most innovative, high growth potential small companies, all over the world.
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