Inspiralia talks about WonderLogix: Process automation that will knock your socks off!


Define the logic of operation in the human language, the new way to go about process automation

Did you ever think you would be able to define the logic of operations using the human language just by providing simple and accurate definitions that anyone can understand? In other words, DIY (do it yourself) process automation where no coding is required!

Process automation used to be a lot more complicated before our client WonderLogix developed their Logic Editor. Now you can go from process specification to operational code in no time. And as you design your industrial control system you can put a stop to miscommunication and ambiguous definitions. With some easy adjustments, you can then adapt the design as you scale. A real game-changer!

WonderLogix is another company in the line of champions we have the pleasure of working with. We supported them during the preparation leading up to the application for funding from the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument.

The project received nothing less but a 1.9M€ investment that enabled further platform enhancements and commercial expansion.

As a start-up, you struggle in the beginning before things start to go your way, being able to define a process in a clear and accurate way in order to demonstrate it to investors can lead to the turning point YOU have been waiting for!

But it is a transversal tool that also system integrators & OEMs, as well as manufacturers, can benefit from. It’s not magic but if you understand the logic of your process, you can build it. Design, document, simulate and live-monitor your industrial processes on your own, using one tool.

The Wonderlogix community is constantly growing. Earlier this year they launched an Expert User Certification Program that attracted global interest. They also offer webinars free of charge for those interested in getting to know their product better. 

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