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Who Uses WonderLogix?


Define your process in a clear and accurate way and demonstrate it to investors in the early stages. Build your POC on your own with full control, minimal expenses and unexposed IP. Then seamlessly scale up to fully industrialized production.


Systems Integrators & OEMs

Cut your PLC programming time down by 70%. Get to the field with top-quality PLC code that functions exactly as required from the first time it runs. Shorten your commissioning time. Supply your customers with 100% accurate documentation and the unique capability to “see” the code in plain English.


Take control of your facility. Maintain it independently and optimize as needed. Dramatically shorten your time to market and steamroll your competition. Recover faster from downtime.

Measurable ROI from Your Very First Project

Our clients see real, quantifiable results, like saving 50% in design, programming and commissioning time.

Let’s get specific. Here’s one client’s savings estimate for one project:

Cost using traditional methods: $100,000 + 9 months’ work

Cost using WonderLogix: One-year subscription + 5 weeks’ work


Total estimated savings:

$88,000 + 7.75 months of resource time and costs

Trusted By


“Commissioning the system was completed successfully within two hours only

and without making any change to the automatically generated code.”

Ran Nachmani
Unilever Haifa Site Engineering Manager


“Working with external contractors, I struggled to define my control system processes for over 3 months.

With Wonderlogix, I did it in-house — in 8 hours!

The WonderLogix platform is the industrial revolution for biotech startups.”

Baruch Dach

Co-founder and CTO, AlgaeMor Ltd.


“For the first time, our process engineers (who are not control engineers) were able to design the control sequence to the last detail, generate PLC code and commission the project without subcontracting the work to an external integrator. Using WonderLogix was clear and intuitive and didn’t require any know-how in PLC programming.”

Ohad Shiftan

Phosphate Removal Project Manager, Toxsorb

Measurable ROI From Your Very First Project

Plus, get to market 3x faster.

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