Building Industrial Control Systems?

Programming PLCs?


Make WonderLogix Studio

Your Design Tool and Never Look Back.

WonderLogix Studio Enables Cutting-Edge System Integrators to Make Their Control Systems Function Exactly as Required in the Fastest and Easiest Way Ever

Complete any project dramatically faster than before:

  • Save at least 50% in design and programming time.
  • Save at least 30% in commissioning time.
  • Save 100% in documentation time.

Automatically generate well-structured, fully commented PLC code that will allow for easy and safe modifications as well as shorter commissioning time.


With minimal downtime and 100% accurate documentation, leave behind satisfied customers.

Beat the Statistics:


of delays at the commissioning stage are attributed to

errors in PLC code [1]


of control system accidents are due to programming errors [2]


of system integrators cite hiring engineering talent

as their key challenge [3]

1. G.W. Gunther Reinhart, “Economic application of virtual commissioning to mechatronic production systems”, Prod. Eng. Res. Devel., vol. 1, 2007.

2. ARIA database, la référence du retour d’expérience sur accidents technologiques.

3. Control Engineering, “Control Engineering 2016 System Integration Study”


“Commissioning the system was completed successfully within two hours only

and without making any change to the automatically generated code.”

Ran Nachmani
Unilever Haifa Site Engineering Manager


“We are talking about cutting edge … This is tomorrow’s technology …

It’s a time saver, it’s a money saver …

amazing tool to have in your toolbox”

Paul Lynn

No. 1 PLC instructor in Udemy


“WonderLogix Will Change The Way We Program ControlLogix PLCs

To say this platform is slick, beautiful and powerful would be a major understatement.

This is going to cut development and documentation time by 2/3.”

Walker Reynolds

President of Intellic Integration

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