About WonderLogix

WonderLogix Studio is a revolutionary platform for designing industrial control systems and programming PLCs

Automatic control systems run industrial facilities such as power plants, water systems and food factories.

The operation of these systems in most cases however is less than optimal, as reflected in down-time, poor performance and other causes of revenue loss.

WonderLogix is aimed at solving this problem.

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Our Technology

Innovative & Reliabile

By applying proven principles of software engineering and by introducing a unique patented syntax engine, large facilities can be divided into small manageable sections and complex logic is defined in human language.

Controller code is automatically generated from the design, yielding a top-quality control system and substantial increase in profits.

Natural Language

Define the logic of operation in human language using our patented syntax engine.


Simulate the operation of the control system along the design process.


Generate complete and accurate documentation with a click. Improve knowledge conservation for maintenance and reuse.

Clean Code

Generate controller code automatically - clean, correct by construction and one-to-one compatible with the definitions.

Object-Oriented Design

Take advantage of established methodologies in your design

Universal Platform

Be free to change your hardware brand at any time.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 744068.

Such platform may prevent high-cost failures, resulting from flaws in the design or typing errors as well as improving documentation and knowledge conservation.

Mekorot Israel's National Water Company

There is need and demand for such a platform […] Current alternatives do not give full and efficient solution […] This product has a very broad potential.

Ludan Software and Control Systems

We are in no doubt that such a tool can significantly contribute to the quality of the final product, while substantially saving time.

Contel Automation and Control


Dror Roth

Brings 12 years of experience as a senior Industrial Control Engineer and Electrical Engineer (B.Sc Electrical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University; B.A diploma Computer Science, Open University of Israel).

Dror has vast experience in designing and implementing control systems for large-scale industrial facilities and he is an expert in programming controllers according to software engineering principles.

Dror Roth


Amir Kaufman

Savvy Mechanical Engineer (B.Sc. with honors, Tel Aviv University) with 10 years of experience.

During his work at Ormat, a global leader in geothermal energy, Amir became an expert in optimization, failure analysis and mechanical design. He ran the implementation of a product life management (PLM) system, involving the entire organization; Led several improvements in the control of geothermal power plants.

Amir Kaufman



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